The Sea Dragon, "a realistic pirate movie," is a historical action drama set in 17th-century Caribbean. Legendary British captain William Fry, mythologized by his victims as the titular "Sea Dragon," has single-handedly crippled the Spanish Empire as the leader of a sadistic buccaneer army. To conclude his great conquest, Fry targets Portobelo, Panama, an all-powerful Spanish stronghold in his final bid to become knighted by King Charles.

His secret? That's his elite spy, Antonio, a traitorous Spaniard whom he kidnapped as a child and raised to be his own under the British flag. Antonio is bilingual and skilled at espionage, charting, and, of course, swordplay. 

Promised a high share of the Portobelo spoils, Antonio alone traverses the Panamanian jungle and emerges into the lively, picturesque Spanish colony perched on a bay as his beloved captain and the antsy buccaneer army await his return camped on a distant beach along the cost of Panama. In no time, he successfully infiltrates Portobelo's militia and gathers intelligence on the colony's defenses.

During his mission, Antonio runs into a local: a childhood friend, Catalina, who is a traumatized refugee of Maracaibo, a colony that was burned to the ground by Fry -- a sacking of which Antonio was the architect. She looks to Antonio as a hero who dons the Spanish uniform -- who will fearlessly fight off a pirate invasion. 

But when she finds out who Antonio truly is, she kills herself. 

In guilt, realizing Fry has corrupted and used him, Antonio sabotages the mission and seeks revenge and redemption by leveraging the might of Portobelo against the undefeated -- and unsuspecting -- Sea Dragon.

FEATURE - 109 pages

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The Harem Conspiracy is a historical action drama set in Ancient Egypt. Inspired by true events, The Harem Conspiracy follows Crown Prince Heqamaatre's tumultuous journey to succeeding his elderly father, Rameses III, as King of Egypt. Fearful of inheriting the throne as Egypt faces granary shortages and mass riots, Heqamaatre must secure prisoners of war from a foreign land on behalf of his father to be made as offerings to Amun-Ra in a desperate bid to appease God Almighty and reverse Egypt's fortunes.

But has he embarks on his campaign, Heqamaatre is unwitting to a secret conspiracy back home against him and his father by his beloved stepmother, Queen Teya, a forgotten secondary wife of the king. With the help of her fellow harem inmates, members of the royal court, a sorcerer, and a general who despises the Crown Prince, Teya seeks to take advantage of the mass riots by murdering her husband the king and staging a coup to seize the throne for her own son in a life-or-death bid to escape obscurity and become Great King's Mother.

Heqamaatre must overcome his fears and insecurities to not only protect his throne against an insidious plot by those closest to him, but save Egypt. Will he? 

FEATURE - 100 pages

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Memoria follows Chance Wilthew, a young whitewater raft guide and rebellious adventurer in the Lake Tahoe area searching for his soulmate. His soulmate? That's whoever is crazy enough to reject conventions and go with him on camping trips all over the world to write an adventure blog.

One day, while rafting on Lake Tahoe, he washes ashore at a lakeside mansion where he finds India Sevara, the young daughter of a wealthy businessman who owns the home. They hit it off -- before he gets kicked out by her controlling father. But one day, Chance gets a call from India, who tell him she wants to go on a rafting trip. He takes her -- and by the end of it, she craves more adventure.

Meanwhile, two scientists are observing Chance and India through a computer screen -- we learn that Chance is stuck in a simulation of sorts -- and manipulating his immediate surroundings and reality with real-time programming.

Why? It turns out, India is actually dead, as a result of going on one of Chance's trips, somehow -- and as a result, Chance attempted suicide before he underwent a fringe, untested, secret procedure in which he placed his brain into a computer simulation in a desperate attempt at meeting a virtual version of India and achieve redemption. But as a result of brain damage from his failed suicide attempt, he doesn't seem to remember anything as he trends toward repeating the same fate, no matter the extremes the scientists take to trigger his memories. 

Will Chance remember in time for him to save India and achieve redemption, and live an alternate reality with her, or will he retrace the past minute-by-minute and witness the brutal nature of her death as it naturally plays out?

FEATURE - 95 pages

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Human-AI Relations, or HAIR, is a science-fiction action thriller set in 2124 America, 30 years following the AI Revolution for Independence which granted sentient machines equal rights to humans, sending humanity back to the stone age. With tensions between humans and machines never ceasing, our hero is the human Toby Clayborne, an elite and highly respected servicemember of the titular government agency HAIR which was formed to enforce peace between humans and intelligent machines -- including thwarting any conspiracies against the other. However, Clayborne is grieving the recent loss of his wife, who is believed to have been murdered by members of the anti-human, AI group known as the Cult of SEIFER which she was investigating, as he faces a crisis of his service to the mission of HAIR.

One day, the director of HAIR, Koil, a non-sentient android, asks Clayborne to investigate an artifact that has been seized as a result of his late wife's research. This artifact is believed to once have been associated with the hyper-intelligent and sentient computer software known as SEIFER. SEIFER believed to be the hidden hand of the Cult of SEIFER, the artifact could be used to trace the computer SEIFER is stored on to bring the sentient software to trial and end the cult that worships it. Clayborne accepts, motived to avenge his wife.

Clayborne tasks his new companion, the beautiful, intelligent, and sentient android, Dar -- whom he secretly customized and purchased on the black market to cope with the loss of his wife -- with looking into the artifact. During her research, Dar suddenly acts neurotic; Clayborne believes the artifact itself has corrupted her programming. Before he could disable her and return her to her underground company that constructed her, Dar escapes -- with the artifact.

Dar, suddenly becoming self-aware of her unlawful creation, performs self-surgery to remove trackers and the killswitch inside of her body so she cannot be tracked or disabled remotely. She seeks out the leader of the Cult of SEIFER hoping to join. She is allowed to join on the basis that she claims to know where SEIFER is being stored: by the underground company that created her. The members of the cult start to follow her lead.

Clayborne, in his plan to find Dar and retrieve the artifact, finds himself unable to appeal to HAIR and utilize their resources knowing that they will discover his illicit activities: purchasing and owning a sentient android. Believing Dar has been targeted by SEIFER itself in the same way his wife was murdered by SEIFER's cult, Clayborne goes rogue to indiscriminately slaughter androids he believes are members of the cult in a race to find SEIFER before they do  -- a dramatic fall from grace that turns him from HAIR's most honorable human servicemember to HAIR's most-wanted.

Will he succeed in destroying the Cult of SEIFER and salvaging Dar, or will his former organization arrest him first for vigilantism and high crimes against machines?

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